Fireboy and watergirl 3
    Your task is to control Fireboy and Watergirl as they go through the labyrinth. Also they collect the diamonds on this way. But be really careful as fire and water should not mix. Don`t let the Fireboy go in lakes of water and don't let Watergirl go in the lakes of fire. The bad things will happen. Just keep them at the black lakes!
Angry Birds
    Do you like birds? You have a chance to become a bird in this the most popular game in the world! Your task is to throw birds of different colors at wooden and stone construction. Enjoy game and spend time with pleasure!
Kaboom 2
    Have you ever dream about protecting your land by throwing bombs in enemies? This game offers you the simplest war in the word! You have to throw the bomb into the bubbles! Be attentive and smart.
Age of war 2
    Age of War 2 is something really special. It is a defensive and a strategy game at the same time. Your task is to ruin the base enemies and to protect yours base. You have an opportunity to build tower to protect your base and to attack the enemies as quick as it is possible. Be brave and smart!
Red ball 3
    You have very important deal! Rescue the girlfriend of red ball because black angry ball has stolen the girlfriend. Collect stars, be brave and confident. The game is full of adventures as there many complicated levels!
Frizzle Fraz
    Jump as higher as you can in this awesome game. Your task is to help the Frizzle collect keys to be able to open all the doors. Be attentive, there are many angry Frizzles... There are 29 levels in game. Enjoy the game!
Piggy wiggy
    Do you want to control cute pigs? You can do it in this game. These pigs must be feed with acorns. Your task is to do links between different things and the pigs at the same time providing pigs with acorns. Wish you good luck!
Orcs attack
    It is a interesting game about shooting. Imagine that you are a militant and you have to attack opponents buildings and kill Orcs. Just be brave! Play with the help of your mouse. Enjoy the game!
Mine Blocks
    This is game about mining. Now you have possibility to mine, build, craft and discover the world. Your task is to collect wooden things and hew life in another world starts! Enjoy the game!
Whack Your Ex
    It is funny and relaxing game! It sounds strange, but in this game you can injure your wife as you want. Just click on one thing under and this thing will become a weapon. Have fun!
Whack Your Boss
    Do you nervous because of your boss on work? It is a high time to revenge to him! In this game your goal is to find ways how to whack the boss. Just click on one thing under and this thing will become a weapon. Also you will be able to do something crazy with it. Enjoy with this game!
Big Farm
    Have you ever dream about living in the countryside and having own farm there? In this game you have such possibility. Now you can plant and grow up your harrow and even have own pigs and cows! Also you can sell your products in the shop an earn money. Become the best farmer ever!
Douchebag Workout 2
    Have you ever dreamt about becoming muscleman? If you answer yes, you will start your muscleman career in this game! Workout your body as hard as you can, have new friends and even earn money here. Become better in this game!
Poop Clicker
    It is game for you just to relax. Just move mouse over the blub and get many hits! There are many levels, so go to the end of game and relax!
Vex 3
    Do you want to live in own world? Just try it! Your little figure to run, jump and just keep moving in this game. There are many levels, complete them all and become the winner! Be attentive there are many dangerous things!
    Become a don in this game. Many adventures are waiting for you here. The breathtaking moments from the film are in this game. Be brave and encourage! Take risk here!
Can Your Pet?
    Do you have a pet? No? You can have it in this funny game. Just become the owner of pet. Dress, feed, wash, grow up and play with own little chick. Give a name to your favorite pet . This game will give you a lot of cute and positive moment and will make you relax. Enjoy the game!
Kawai Run 2
    You can play this game single or in a pair. Move own white figure, run, jump and overcome all difficulties on your way. Many levels are waiting for you, try to complete them all. Be attentive and get the pleasure!
    Become a powerful monster in this fantastic game! Discover the strange world and kill all opponents. Your task is just to jump carefully and you do as high as it is able. Be brave and complete this game!
    It isn’t just a game. It’s a game about life. This game will make you to rethink the whole range of such games. From this game you will get experience. You have a travel to a world without people… Just experience this!
Vuvu Hero
    This is really musical game! Just blow vuvuzela in this game. Your task is to support the melodies of different songs and make the party to become real hero of VUVU! Have fun and just relax!
April and Booster
    This is a funny and attractive game. The task of the player is to respire animals and to shoot at theirs enemies. You have to keep the button of mouse to respire birds, horses and others and then click at woof. Have fun!
Morax and Murmur
    You have special and important task. You must to help the Morax to gain power and to drive out his brother Murmur. Be brave and brutal, attack and kill enemies! You have to eat your food soldiers. Buy new and powerful weapon to increase your strength. Feel yourself a savior!
Penguin Overlords
    The war can start! The turtles want to conquer whole the world. You have to stop a turtle army. But you have an army of penguins and they can eat turtles! Buying upgrades for penguins and the world will be in safe!
Precision Strike
    You can always be attack by determined opponents. Your task is to get a rid of opponents and to throw ammunition exactly at them. They must be killed by you, so be brave and careful. Enjoy the game!
Bobs Balloons
    Your goal in this awesome game is to help Bob pop all the balloons! Game has many levels and you have to overcome many challenges! When you finish the campaign for one player, you will play Survival Mode. Complete this game!
    Do you want to help people? So you should join Sally, because she help to people all over the world! You will have possibility to go on the beach, to mountaintops , to countryside and so on. You will meet people of different professions from teachers to athletes! Also you will develop your skills of time management! Enjoy this game and improve the world!
Hardventure Into the Duat
    Do you believe in life after death? You must believe as in this trilling game you will care about a heart of dead man. Kill opponents and bosses, get timeless life in this game. And remember life after death is possible!
Camelot Smashalot
    If you need adventures, you should play this fantastic game! You have to kill each person in every levels. You can use catapulting livestock and other things. Be brave and spend time with pleasure!
    You are in charge of helping the Gilgamesh to squelch hordes of brutal skeletons and their leaders. If you will cope with them, the calm in his native village will be at last. Moreover Gilgamesh can use his special spit and do attacks. Enjoy the game!
Smiley Showdown
    It is very funny game. You have to blow up many yellow or another color smiles only with a clicking. Click on the smile with your smile and many little smiles will appear. Be patient and complete this game!
Easter Avenger Ex
    What an angry eggs! Your task is to control the egg which is yours. Also you have to shoot all grey eggs on this way. Be careful and attentive to complete all levels Remember: danger is everywhere…
Snake Squad
    It is time to shoot at everybody! Your task in this game is to kill policemen and bandits. Be careful also as they can kill you also. Be attentive and smart to be in safe! Enjoy the game!
Zombie Horde
    It is time for a game about zombies. Player has to control the army of zombies. Due this the graveyard will be protected against the attackers. Have a nice time!
Bone Collector
    In this interesting game you will help the cavemen to pick up all parts of skeleton. You can build different platforms to solve all difficulties or to protect from different dangerous animals on your way. Help cavemen bring everything needful to the cave!
Pirates of the Undead
    This is a wonderful clicking game full of adventures. Imagine yourself a pirate and live at the bottom of sea. Task is easy: just click on the things situated underwater to communicate with them. Enjoy the game!
Angel of the Battlefield 2
    You will have very nice mission. You have to save the lives of wounded rabbits. You should be careful while having contact with different things on the play-field as dangerous heroes can appear. Be brave, because you will do good deal!
Zombie Rumble
    Save the humanity! Zombies are near the people. But you have a big cannon to kill all them. To kill the zombies you should use your cannon, stand the goals and shoot up them. Just do it!
King Story
    This is just a great game with many adventures. Your task is to find the son of an strange creature. But keep calm you have a spit. Just discover the cave and kill everything what makes any moves. Spend time with pleasure!
Ninja Mafia Siege 2
    Try to throw your ninja spit out and protect your land from the bandit syndicate in this fantastic game. You must keep moving and kill all enemies as you have different weapons. Use all your possibility and enjoy the game!
Bomb the Aliens
    Are you afraid of alien critters? Forget about all fears, because you have to protect your base from huge army of disgusting alien critters. Use your cannons, lasers, and more. And then everything will survive! Be brave!
Steel Jack
    This is running game full of adventures. You are a knight who jump and run along the way of stolen treasures to find the lost king and the beautiful princess. Have a pleasure!
    This is a strategy game. You are on Metropolis Isle that was captured by mutant bugs. Your task is to get them off this land, because the catastrophe can happen. Be brave and save the island!
Catch 51
    If you always dream about work for the FBI, this game will make this dream true. And now you received a very special task : to fish boxes from the river. You have little boat and can use a fishing rod. Be attentive as you must to keep your fishing rod under strain and take all the boxes before time ends!
    This is adventure game. Your task in the game is to save the princess, because evil stole her. White cat Mittens Control everything and can lead the hero to the princess. Be brave, save the princess!
    The game is a series of moral problems to the players. The task of game is to juggle the needs of clients with the commonweal of working people. The player travels in the game and the story of the sweatshop grows. With time, the player manage different ranges of clothes. Have a pleasure!
Nuclear Outrun
    Do you want racing? Be a part of race between Trucks and a Nuclear Missile. Overcome all problems and zombies on your way. Collect points and you will be able to go for the next level. Have fun!
Pothead Zombies
    Go to the world of death in this game! Your task is to kill all zombies and then the air will be clean. Also if the zombies are killed more quickly, you will have more scores. You can use the money to buy new weapons. Be careful!
Zombie Breach
    This is an interesting game. Your goal here is to wipe out the army of hungry death people! They go at the street to stole belongings and eat your friends. Don`t let them go through the protective barrier. So use your strength and spoils and they will stop. Save everybody!
Pan Man
    Do you remember Pacman game? Fell this game again, because it is worth it. You a yellow pacman and you have to eat all the pellets and go to the next level Be careful when another angry racmen are running to you. Try it and you will never stop plaing this game!
    This is a horror halloween-christmas game. Your task is to unwrap all your gifts and the army of zombie and poltertoys will go out of boxes. Kill them all! You will exactly have holiday mood after this game!
Save The Birds
    Do you want to feed the birds? Just play this a funny game! The birds are hungry and that is why they can not fly. You have to give them food. Try to throw food with the help of your mouse. Relax!
Jelly Alien
    It is truly logical game! You should think for a long time how to use your logic to make aliens cut the wood or rope in the needful places. If you need challenges, just play this game! Develop yourself!
Dream Car Racing
    This is a game about racing. Game is full of geometry and suspension constructions. Your mission is to go through all checkpoints and collect coins. Try to do all you best to win. Wish you good luck!
Stunt Master
    Have you ever dream about being a stunt master? Try it in this game. Imagine that you are an usual stunt master and you want to go in the world of Hollywood films. You have to study ride on different bikes and cars. It is because you have to study how to do all trucks. Go to your goals!
Uphill Rush 6
    Do you need a speed? So just play this game! Try to go for this crazy high speed adventure in this awesome racing game! Spend time with pleasure!
Driving Force
    This police game give you possibility to catch dangerous felonry. Feel this responsibility and be careful. Remember: you do great thing! Have fun!
Traffic Slam 2
    This is a wonderful game about racing. The player becomes the driver of the speed car in tow. Your task is to damage everything. Try all available ways and make the best score! Enjoy the game!
Motocross Challenge
    Do you want to ride a motorbike? Try in this game. You will meet with many challenges, it is really hard, but interesting at the same time. Do all your best to complete all levels!
Super Bike Racer
    Do you feel yourself a real bike racer? In this game you will have competition with professional racers. Your task is to come to finish the first. Be brave and quickly to become the winner!
Car Eats Car 2 Deluxe
    It is a time when cute cars can battle with ugly monsters! Collect rubies, drive carefully not to damage your car. There are 20 levels in this game, compete each of them! Have a great time!
Earn to Die 2012: Part 2
    Zombies come back to us! We need hero who will help to get rid of them! Choose suitable car for you and drive it throwing and killing zombies. Be careful, there are many obstacles. Good luck to you!
Renegade Racing
    Take part in racing! This game gives you such opportunity. Drive over the hills and holes. Warn your opponents and go the finish first! Become the winner, become the best! Wish you good luck!
Firefighters Truck 2
    Have you ever dream about being a firemen and saving people lives? Drive your own emergency machine in city to slow down fire. People are waiting for your help! Do everything as quickly as you can!
Escaping The Prison
    This is a choosing game. Your stickman must successfully break out of the prison in the way he can. You must win, because in another case you will be killed! Don`t be scared to take a risk!
Stealing the Diamond
    This is the other game with stickman, be sure it is full of adventures. Your task is to help the man to steal the expensive diamond and go out from museum. You can use various choices how to steal this jewels. Be careful!
Infiltrating the Airship
    This is game with stickmen. Now he go to plane, acid and swollen off the side of a is a little bit suckier. It's so funny to look at this fail adventure. Because our stickmen run out of prison and stole the jewel. Be careful!
Trollface Quest
    This is a interring game for clicking. Just be solution-oriented and do all puzzles. Defense the troll from another Trolls. Have a nice time!
Bubble Shooter
    This is a game for you to relax. Just match more than three bubbles and they will disappear. Do it as quick as you can as bubbles move down. Be attentive and smart!
Trollface Quest 2
    It is the second series of this game. Your task is to earn points and to solve all mysteries and to defense the troll face. So look attentively to find all unseen things on every level. Have a pleasure with this game!
Trollface Quest 5
    This is a high time for the Troll Cup! The audience came back and you have to open some strange secrets to become a winner. Mix wisely interactive things to win the this soccer battle in the best way. Be logic!
Lisa Simpson Saw
    Do you like Simpsons? Let`s help Lisa in this game. Little Lisa accept all challenges, because she desire to save her from the evil Pigsaw. Do all your best! Be attentive and careful!
    Feel yourself a superhero in this game. You have to be usual citizens and protect them all against the rude evil. We will do it... We will screw it up. Good luck!
Breaking the Bank
    Have you missed for stick? It is a new story with stick. There is a poor guy who just can't get everything in good way. He looks like a spy of animations. Just look at him , what will he choose laser drill, mask, , bursting, wrecking ball, teleporter, or tunnel? It will be interesting…
Slenderman Saw Game
    Do you want to rescue Slenderman from Pigsaw? You play as a victim in the game. To acquire things and hints, you should search the territory attentively. Cooperate with things and do the puzzles. Have fun!
Home Sheep Home
    Be kind and help three friends: Shaun, Shirley and Timmy come back together in safe to the stable. You click on sheep which have to move and control the process. Spend time with pleasure!
Home Sheep Home 2
    This is the continue of the wonderful game full of adventure. Shaun and his 2 friends have lost in London. Your task is to help them to figure out how to come back to their stable. Remember that sheep have own special power. Have fun!
Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in Space
    We come back again! Timmy, Shirley and Shaun are in trouble again! They are in space. You must take care of them and help them to come back home from the unknown spaceship. Solve all theirs problems and remember: they have unique powers. Good luck!
Apple Shooter
    What a dangerous game! Your task is easy at the first sighs. You have to take bow and arrow and just try to throw the apple on the head of person. If you throw arrow in the face of this person, game will finish in the moment. Just try it! But be attentive! Good luck!
    Do you want to do on western? In Gunblood there is such opportunity! Your goal in the game is to become the best shooters in all fights with gun. Just locate your mouse on the gun perforate, then wait for 3 seconds, and when the fire will be shown, kill your enemy in the shortest way. Be brave!
Plazma Burst 2
    Imagine yourself a soldier who is full equipped with heavy artillery. Damage the way of opponents. Make everything to be alive on each levels! Be attentive and courage!
Sniper Team
    It is a real game about military. It is important in the game to have strategic plan for a new level. Choose your weapon and be ready to defense your turf at all costs. You have to kill enemies to go the higher levels. Be strong and powerful!
Strike Force Heroes
    This is game about shooting. Here you are the brave hero. Your task is to wipe out the secret group of terrorists. Just explore every rooms and kill opponents with violence. You have possibility to open new weapons and achieve cool prizes. Enjoy the game!
Gun Mayhem 2
    This power game come back with chaos. In this part of the game you have to wipe out lots of strong opponents. You can use dynamite and due it throw them away the platform before they will. Have fun!
Raze 2
    It is an wonderful platform for shooting game. You can use by yourself different weapons, exclude all of your enemies. Remember you must be survived as long as you can. Spend time with pleasure!
Cubikill 6
    At last you will play office game. In game you are Rick, who is the IT nerd and is fully come out of his friend. It is just crazy. You will have different task: examine office, keep needful stuff for killing people and go out of angriness. It will be funny!
Apple Shooter Champ
    This is a amazing game with bow and arrow. You have to plump in the apple on the head of your girlfriends. Will you be able to do that? Do everything carefully, because it will finish really in sad way. Be attentive!
Strike Force Heroes 2
    Feel yourself in space due this game. Your main task is to customize soldiers with the weapons, cuirass. You are responsible for your soldier. Have an adventure!
Intruder Combat Training
    This is a wonderful game about shooting. Here you can improve your fighting skills in the battles with violent soldiers. You must be alive as long as it is possible and you must shoot them. Enjoy the game!
Flanders Killer 6
    What an exiting game! It is funny continue of series Simpson games. Here should help Homer to kill each persons of the Flanders! Don`t you believe in it? Just start to play! Enjoy the game!
Super Mechs
    Do you want to create your own robot for fight? And this game will give you such possibility! Just create your robot and wars will start. Your task is to ruin other mechanical fighters due using effective tactic. You can get new weapons after every level, just be the winner! Enjoy the game!
Goodgame Empire
    Are you ready for huge crusade to capture whole map? You must. Follow game instructions to build great strategy for battle. In such way you will increase the borders of your future empire. Enjoy the process of game!
Stick War
    This is one of the biggest games with stick figure. Your task is to control own army structure and to control everything. You will form section, mine gold, know all game ways. Also you have to ruin the opponents effigy, and conquer all places. Be brave!
Governor of Poker 2
    Do you like play poker? Have a battle with the governments proscription because your favorite game. As a result you will come back your title of the Poker Governor! Become the best!
Stick War 2: Order Empire
    This is continue of the popular game! Now there is strange situation as current order empire usual people and their heads you to win the army of rude rebells. Create your own team and win fights to keep on peaceful land. Enjoy the game!
    Do you know a little bit about pre-civilization and you worry about it? Here you will figure out what it was civilization at that time. In this game you control a group of neanderthals. You will be able to develop their village, create new constructions and feed them. You will help them to go from Pre-Civilization into civilized civilization. Have fun!
The Visitor
    There is something strange, what is it? It is the visitor. It is alien which comes from the another world. Take responsibility for him at yourself. Help him to adapt to the people and just grow up. Have fun!
Goodgame Gangster
    Just become a gangster! You must do the task of the boss, cope with the products on “the black market” and cooperate with others or throw them out. Become the best mafioso! Have fun!
Goodgame Galaxy
    This is a futuristic game for many players. Your task is to become the leader of a new space station that is situated really far away! Improve your station and then capture the universe. Have a pleasure!
Kick Ass Homer
    What a funny game! Your task is to help Bart to kick with the baseball the ass of Homer as long as possible. You have opportunity to collect lots of food and money. Spend time with pleasure!
Papas Pastaria
    It is the most tasty game ever. In this game you can take order in customer and then cook it by yourself. Do it properly and in the shortest terms. If you will done everything perfectly, you will get a big money!
Gravity Guy
    This is an attractive game for many players. Just help this guy to go to the finish. To overturn the gravity you should just press X. Feel gravitation and enjoy the game!
Papas Pancakeria
    There is new restaurant Papas Pancakeria. Your task is to take orders of pancakes, waffles and french toast. Do everything perfectly and you will earn much money! Wish you good luck!
Goodgame Cafe
    Imagine that you are an owner of cafe. Your mission is to design your cafe and surprise your clients with your perfect cooking skill. Invite many people, to promote your cafe. Then every person will want to try your delicious dishes! Good luck!
Papas Taco Mia!
    Let`s do taco! First of all take the clients order. Then you have to cook the meat on fire and put the toppings on it. And everything is ready to give order to the client. If you did it perfectly, you will get much money! Good luck!
Handless Millionaire
    This is a interesting test game. Actions of this game are in TV-show. There isn`t hard questions. Give the right answer and have much the money. It is your time to become a millionaire! Good luck!
Bomb It 6
    It is epic game. In this game two players and single player can play. Just bomb the objects. You will get new war maps, new weapons and so on. So just try and you will play it always! Good luck!
Bomb it 7
    This is the next awesome game of bomb game. Your task is to place bombs in the correct places. Do it in time and then evil robots will be destroyed. Do all your best! Enjoy the game!
Feed Us 5
    There is thirsty piranha. It is ready for having a breakfast with human meat just to grow. You must help him to jump on ships to have a meal. Enjoy the game. Good luck!
Super Fighters Rampage
    Do you think that you are not fortune person? Not, till today, because you are selected to finish tournament! You must use your unusual attacks and fight persistently to wipe out your opponents. Become the best in this Super Fighters Rampage! Enjoy the game!
Mass Mayhem 4
    Everything is bad again. You have to wipe out many people. You must be adapted to become a terrorist and ruin everything. If you earn money, you will be able to have new spoils and new looks. Have fun!
Duck Life 3
    Become an owner of cute little duck. Take care of it and feed it and your duck will have energy to take part in competition. Earn point and your duck will become the best. Enjoy the game!
Sushi Cat 2
    This is so cute game and it is worth to spend time. The Sushi Cat is really hungry, it wants to eat so much. Help the kitten to do as much sushi as it is. Spend time with pleasure!
Penguin Diner 2
    You have very important mission to feed penguins. You have to seat customers, take orders of customers, then serve dishes and drinks them. Don`t forget about the bills. Good luck to you!
Fighters Rampage
    Do you like to see the street fight? The main hero is favorite stickmen. Your task is to control him in this fight. Use the buttons. Be attentive and careful!
The Perfect Fighter
    This is the fighting game for two players. You can choose a suitable fighter for you and beat all your enemies as long as you want. Also you can play with your friends and beat them in two player game. Become the best fighter!
Kick Out Miley
    Its a high time to kick out Miley! Her behavior is not clever. That is why you have to help the housebreaker to kick Miley Cyrus from the stage on the concert. It will be fun. Have a nice time!
FMX Team
    Let`s sit at the motorbike! In this game you should do dangerous trucks and study how to do new moves on the bike. Then each raser will show his own special moves. Leave here, it will be interesting!